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English Stories / 3 Comments / July 11, 2012


What is it that fascinates me so much about the desert, this barren land, this emptiness which many daring men have crossed and explored for so many centuries? Is its stillness the mysterious attraction?

Or its secretiveness which captures the fantasy of the adventurous minds? You can feel, through the warm air that reaches you from beneath and makes you perspire, that below the earth something is pulsating,  life is underneath, even if invisible.

The startling contrast of the immense blue sky, the golden sand and the red sun which make your eyes narrowing, increases your feeling of a microscopic being in this vastness.


And your sight voyages  around, looking  for familiar signs, and after a while redirects its focus inside you, confronting your inner self with the outside world, trying to build a connection.

What are we but sand ? A heap of dust enclosed in an hourglass which has already started its count down?

But unlike a dune we are not free, our space is locked; we don’t have an eternal time, we don’t  get more than the moments we have been granted.

We must be conscious of every grain that falls, because we can’t turn the clock around. Fulfil your dreams, your aspirations, your potential, before it’s too late and the time is over.

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  • Meliha / July 12, 2012 / Reply

    I loved it !!! wonderful photos too… looking forward to see and read more:)

  • Fausto / July 12, 2012 / Reply

    E’ bellissimo! Complimenti

  • Ingrid / July 12, 2012 / Reply

    Pictures look quite professional!
    It reads as if there is something very fascinating and inspiring just around the corner.

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