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Unexpected kindness

English Stories / No Comment / January 3, 2018

The only valuable thing nobody could ever take away from you is the richness you have inside. This was one of the pillars for the education of my girls when they were little children.

How do you succeed in that? One easy thing is cherishing and appreciating every small and meaningful gesture of kindness and consideration received by even unknown persons.

I was sitting at the Opera House in Yerevan, waiting for a performance to start. I’m very fond of music and so I couldn’t miss the chance of this entertainment while traveling the country. I was amazed that the cost of the ticket for the Ballet was only five euros, because every single citizen must have the opportunity to go.

All of a sudden the old gentle lady sitting next to me tried to start a conversation No wonder we couldn’t talk, since she didn’t speak a single word of English and I didn’t know Armenian tongue.

To my bewilderment she started searching in her bag and, while smiling, she produced a pair of scissors and a piece of paper. Then she started cutting the paper and in few seconds she produced a wonderful piece of Kirigami in front of me, with perfect curvature and in 3D shape. Kindly she offered it to me.


Kirigami made by an Armenian lady

the kirigami present from an armenian lady at Yerevan Opera House

When the performance began, my heart starting beating and dancing at the sound of this wonderful music.

Needless to say: the ballet was Swan Lake.


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